Gender-responsive Cereal Grain Breeding. A GREAT Course for Agricultural Research Teams

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The GREAT Course in Gender-responsive Cereal Grain Breeding is for:

  • Agricultural scientists seeking to address gender issues in their research on cereal grains
  • Social scientists working with agricultural scientists to address gender in cereal grains research projects
  • Researchers who want to enable more equitable outcomes for men, women, girls and boys 

GREAT courses are intensive, cohort-based trainings for small, interdisciplinary teams of researchers from leading agricultural research institutes across sub-Saharan Africa.

Is gender missing in your cereal grain breeding research project?

Ignoring gender differences in cereal grain breeding means we miss half of the potential client base for improved varieties, technologies, markets and innovations. More importantly, we miss the opportunity to positively impact smallholder farmers who are women, and reduce chances for better nutrition and education outcomes for the whole community. Donors are increasingly insisting on gender-responsive research proposals, making the knowledge, tools and experience to conduct gender-responsive research increasingly essential across agricultural research disciplines.

The GREAT Gender-responsive Cereal Grain Breeding Course offers gender training for cereal grain researchers to develop skills in gender-responsiveness along the design, implementation, evaluation, and communication stages of agricultural research projects.

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