First Gender Equality Oriented Recommendations for the Management of Crises and their Consequences in German Research Organizations

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The Corona crisis exacerbates and clarifies social realities - with regard to the relations between the genders, too. We are being confronted with an impressive demonstration of just how fragile gender justice is anchored in German science organizations even to this day. The current increase in structur-al discrimination against female scientists does not "only" harm the career histories of individuals. Also the quality and reputation of the science system will suffer a lasting adverse impact, unless coura-geous, committed and effective countermeasures will be taken.

Against this background, the Gender Equality Officers of the research organizations address the re-sponsible decision-makers and protagonists in their organizations with a Gender Equality oriented recommendations. They are based on the analysis of concrete observations on the develop-ment of Gender Equality in the science institutions during the last months.

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