Advancing RTD through Gender-Fair Recruitment and Retention Strategies

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This report provides details of the Capacity Building Workshop “Advancing RTD through Gender-Fair Recruitment and Retention Strategies”, held on 19 – 20 May 2011 at the campus of the University of Vienna. It was one of a series of three workshops held as part of the genSET project, each of which will have an accompanying Capacity Building Report. The reports provide a practical starting point for future replication of the Capacity Building Workshops on the three themes. The following key recommendations emerged from the genSET Capacity Building Workshops and are overarching practical guidelines for conducting workshops that help build participants capacity to take action on gender mainstreaming. The main body of this report provides more in-depth analysis and practical guidelines for holding a workshop on the theme of Gender-Fair Recruitment and Retention Strategies. 

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"Advancing RTD through Gender-Fair Recruitment and Retention Strategies"
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