Human Rights and Justice Group International

About (original language): 

Human Rights & Justice Group Int'l (Justice Group) is an independent, non-governmental and not-for-profit voluntary initiative which was established in 1999 to enhance knowledge, respect and observance of human rights, and to encourage exchange of information and experiences for the betterment of the citizenry through the instrumentality of law, education, enlightenment and humanitarianism.

About (English translation): 
Our mission is to support NGOs, CBOs, and other grassroots organisations in Nigeria and abroad by building their capacity which among others include: *Fostering local, regional and national cooperation in the NGO sector towards sustainable development through knowledge building and strategic action; *Encouraging information exchange among various NGOs with same aims, objective and philosophy; *Working to promote human rights, access to justice and development by building partnership between NGOs, CBOs, and the general public to secure a quality life of human dignity.

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