EKKE - National Centre for Social Research

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The National Centre for Social research (EKKE) was established in 1959 under the auspices of UNESCO. It is the only research centre in Greece exclusively dedicated to social sciences. Over its fifty years of existence, the EKKE has created a research tradition in many areas. In the area of social geography the tradition originated in the 1960s with the studies carried out by French geographers and their collaborators on urbanisation and rural regions. In the area of social policy, the studies on poverty and income inequality date back to the days of Prof. Sakis Karayiorgas and his team. In the area of political sociology and electoral behaviour, the EKKE has conducted a number of significant and pioneering studies still referred to. The Centre’s contribution to research on criminal and deviant behaviour is also noteworthy. Last but not least,   anthropological studies initiated by the Centre’s first director, John Peristiany, remain a major part of ongoing research activities.

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