About (English translation): 
ASDO is a non-academic social research organisation based in Italy, specialised in the study of contemporary knowledge-based societies from a gender perspective. By systematically introducing gender in the study of the dynamics characterising the labour market, scientific research, technological innovation, political and social life and other spheres, ASDO tries to bridge a gap in the interpretation of the transformations under-way in contemporary societies, and to promote a greater awareness of the potential of gender diversity. ASDO is member of the European Platform of Women Scientists and enjoys special consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). In recent years, ASDO pursued the following research lines: Women and science (analysis of the scale and underlying factors of women’s vertical and horizontal segregation in scientific research institutions; assessment of measures and programmes to fight the gender gap in science; structural transformation policies towards gender equality in research institutions); Women’s social action (women’s social and collective action on different societal issues); Gender, welfare and social exclusion (women’s specific risks of social exclusion; work-life balance and family-friendly policies); Women returning to the labour market (training needs, valorisation and upgrade of women’s skills, experiences and expertise); Women and politics (obstacles to women’s full participation in political life); Women’s careers and leadership; Epistemology, theory and methodology of the social sciences.

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