Global Equality and Diversity Conference: Redefining Equality and Diversity in the Information Age

The inaugural Global Equality and Diversity International Conference features global perspectives on Equality and Diversity facilitating sharing of knowledge and expertise between researchers and sector specific experts. The conference will offer the tools to stay up-to-date and at the forefront of good practice in equality, and will feature the latest research in the field.  The event will be live streamed and available on all internet enabled devices. 

The research this year will explore how communication technologies are changing equality and diversity, and will feature tech clusters like London's ‘Tech City’ and their cases with multicultural entrepreneurship.

Topic focus

The conference will focus on the impacts of technology change and information gathering on community empowerment, freedoms, social and economic inclusion, redrawing the boundaries of business and paper submissions from academics, business directors, companies, professional associations, public bodies and NGOs are invited which address these questions:

  • Do ideas of race, gender and identity gain power through the use of the internet and other communication technologies?    Do they reinforce and connect communities or diversify them?
  • Who uses these technologies to spread such ideas?
  • Are the internet and other communication technologies creating a more tolerant world community in which to do business?  Or opening new kinds of discrimination, isolation and intimidation?
  • How are the internet and new technologies shaping marketing and the type of marketing in relationship to questions of diversity?
  • Do technologies and new information give communities and individuals business and purchasing opportunities not available to them before?
  • Do present regulatory structures and policies concerning information flows on broadband devices have any impact?
  • Can and should policies and regulations be reformed to control or monitor such ideas, particularly in regard to questions of discrimination? 
Tuesday, November 4, 2014 - 09:00 to 16:45
Canary Wharf
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