The future of gender equality in european research and innovation. GENDERACTION Mid-Term Event.

The aim of the mid-term event is to set the stage for the future of gender equality in Europe. In 2019 Europe celebrates 20 years of activities for gender equality in research and in 2020 ERA priorities of which gender equality and gender mainstreaming is one will be reviewed. Given the recent backsliding of and backlash against gender research and gender equality in some European countries, it is of vital important to reinvigorate our joint efforts to promote gender equality in European research. Our goal is to be future-looking and agenda-setting event.

Research funders, structural change and innovation including open innovation will continue to play a major role in European research. The event will bring together policy makers and gender experts, practitioners and scholars to address their future concerns and needs for the future of gender equality in European research and innovation. The closing panel Gendering the future of R&I will discuss the vision for gender equality research and innovation and what is at stake.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 10:00 to 17:00
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hey there all its awesome effort to pin up and visualize the integration in gender in R and D would like share and expertise in same project

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