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joerg's picture joerg 2014-Mar-25 EMBO - Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Lebenswissenschaften Heidelberg GmbH

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hulyacaglayan's picture hulyacaglayan Social sciences, Other social sciences Turkey Gender, Gender in education Gender equality stakeholders, Gender networks (women’s, men's, sexuality,...)
gulsunsaglamer's picture gulsunsaglamer Engineering and technology, Interdisciplinary Turkey Gender research Science stakeholders, Gender equality stakeholders
durannihan's picture durannihan Social sciences, Humanities Turkey Gender in in cultural and economic geography, Gender in social sciences Gender equality stakeholders
serpil Humanities, Philosophy, ethics and religion Turkey
edabeyazit Social sciences, Other social sciences Turkey Gender in transport planning, Gender in urban planning and development Science stakeholders, Science academies
serdar.unver Social sciences, Law Turkey Gender in law, criminology and penology, Gender in philosophy, ethics and religion
Fulya Tepe Social sciences Turkey Gender in engineering and technology
ezgi Turkey Gender, Gender in computer hardware and architecture
neyir Social sciences, Sociology Turkey Gender in aeronautics
goncagunay's picture goncagunay Social sciences Turkey Gender in business and management Science stakeholders, Teachers, educators, learners