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BEO's picture BEO 2021-Feb-12 Regulatory Approaches Towards Prostitution in European Comparison
BEO's picture BEO 2021-Jan-25 The 2030 Agenda and the goal of gender equality- European approaches in comparison
chris h's picture chris h 2020-Mar-17 Diversity in diversity policy: the case of the Scandinavian countries
Martina Erlemann's picture Martina Erlemann 2019-Sep-27 Diversity in the Cultures of Physics: A European Summer School Curriculum
Jelena 2019-Jul-16 Set of blog posts on SPEAR’s methodological path towards Gender Equality Plans in Research...
Baltic Gender 2019-Apr-26 Report on the checklist for maintaining contact with individuals taking family breaks
Baltic Gender 2019-Apr-26 Handbook of gender-sensitive indicators in the Baltic Gender project
Baltic Gender 2019-Apr-24 Report on the simulated trial evaluations for promotion
Baltic Gender 2018-Jun-26 National Legislations on Gender Equality with a Focus on the Implementation of Gender Equa...
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2018-Mar-14 EFFORTI Comparative Background Report on contextual enviroments for gender equality in RT...
joerg's picture joerg 2017-Nov-21 Vicious circles of gender bias, lower positions, and lower performance: Gender differences...
Elizabeth Pollitzer's picture Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-05 Swedish Foreign Service action plan for feminist foreign policy 2015–2018 including focus...
Laura Getz's picture Laura Getz 2016-Dec-19 Accountability in context: Effects of research evaluation systems on publication practices...
Minna.Salminen@... 2016-Oct-27 Raising Organizational Awareness
Minna.Salminen@... 2016-Oct-27 Excellence and Gender in the Working Environment.
Minna.Salminen@... 2016-Oct-27 Gender Issues in Recruitment, Appointment and Promotion Processes
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Jelena 2019-Jul-15 SPEAR Project
Baltic Gender 2018-Mar-22 Baltic Gender

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Minna.Salminen@... Social sciences Sweden
Karolina Kublickiene's picture Karolina Kublickiene Natural sciences, Medical and health sciences Sweden Gender in basic medicine, Gender in clinical medicine Science stakeholders, Gender equality stakeholders
ulfsand's picture ulfsand Social sciences, Interdisciplinary Sweden Policy stakeholders
paula.wennberg@ltu.se's picture paula.wennberg@... Engineering and technology Sweden
Fredrik Bondestam's picture Fredrik Bondestam Social sciences, Interdisciplinary Sweden Gender Science stakeholders, Policy stakeholders
Carl Jacobsson's picture Carl Jacobsson Natural sciences, Mathematics Sweden Gender Gender equality stakeholders
Olga Bezbozhna's picture Olga Bezbozhna Social sciences, Law Sweden Gender in social sciences
Özge Altin Social sciences, Humanities Sweden Science stakeholders, Policy stakeholders
Galol Natural sciences, Medical and health sciences Sweden Gender in basic medicine, Gender in biochemistry and molecular biology Science stakeholders, Policy stakeholders
Tomas Brage Natural sciences Sweden Gender in natural sciences Science stakeholders, Gender equality stakeholders