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GenPort Engagement Event Slovakia: Discussion on gender sensitive language in academia 2016-Oct-27 Banska Bystrica gender sensitive language, gender, women in academia kamila_k_benova
Social Networks and Gender 2016-Oct-27 Barcelona social networks, gender, gender methodology joerg
High-level Conference on Mainstreaming gender equality into academic and research organisations 2016-Oct-20 Brussels online tool, gender equality in academia, gender equality in research lauralorenz
Dialog-Tagung „Neue Governance und Gleichstellung der Geschlechter in der Wissenschaft“ 2016-Oct-06 Paderborn gender and science, gender equality in academia, governance Laura Getz
ENGENDERING HABITAT III Facing the Global Challenges in Cities, Climate Change and Transport 2016-Oct-05 Madrid urban planning Elizabeth Pollitzer
LERU-LU gender conference 2016, Equality in STEM-Academia? 2016-Oct-04 Lund gender in STEM, diversity, actions Henrietta Dale
LERU – LU gender conference 2016 2016-Oct-04 Lund diversity, academic STEM, best practices lauralorenz
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GenderTime International Conference 2016-Sep-29 Paris gender equality plan, evaluating GEP, measuring GEP lauralorenz
3. Gender Studies Tagung des DIW Berlin: Arbeit 4.0 – Blind Spot Gender 2016-Sep-22 Berlin gender relations, digitisation lauralorenz
womENcourage 2016 - Crossing Borders 2016-Sep-12 Linz computing, computer science, female participation Henrietta Dale
9th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education (and Research) 2016-Sep-12 Paris Gender equality, higher education, Gender equality in management and decision making joerg
Women in science in the archives 2016-Sep-08 Oxford women in science, Role models Henrietta Dale
18. DiskursNetz-Tagung: Gender Studies meets Diskursforschung meets Gender Studies: Verschränkungen, Berührungspunkte, Spannungsverhältnisse und Fragen ihrer Begegnungen 2016-Sep-08 Paderborn Gender Studies, discource studies lauralorenz
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National Conference on Women's Health Research - Sex Differences Across the Lifespan: A Focus on Metabolism 2016-Aug-28 Colorado women's health, medicine, Sex differences Henrietta Dale
ditact - women's IT summerstudies 2016 2016-Aug-22 Salzburg gender in computer science, computer science, computing RoseC
informatica feminale 2016-Aug-08 Bremen informatics, summer school, interesting resources to promote to Masters students lauralorenz
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Gender & STEM conference 2016 2016-Jul-21 Newcastle on Tyne gender and STEM Juliet Webster
3rd Gender & STEM Network Conference 2016-Jul-21 Newcastle upon Tyne careers, female participation Henrietta Dale
The EMS/EWM Survey Lectures 2016 2016-Jul-17 Berlin women, mathematics kamila_k_benova
IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics 2016-Jul-16 Birmigham women in physics arroyo_lidia
IIFET 2016 Special Session: “Gender Research as a New Frontier in Fisheries and Aquaculture Economics” 2016-Jul-12 Aberdeen fisheries, food security, aquaculture Henrietta Dale
Seminar “Academic Sexism and Ethical Implications of the Underrpresentation of Women in Technology” 2016-Jul-07 Barcelona academic careers, career choice arroyo_lidia
Gender Dimension in Research Content and Process - the Research Funding Organisations perspectives 2016-Jul-07 gender dimension, Research funding Henrietta Dale
Forschungsworkshop: Veränderte Governance und Geschlechterarrangements in der Wissenschaft 2016-Jul-04 Köln governance, gender equality in academia lauralorenz
GOWISS Forschungsworkshop: Veränderte Governance und Geschlechterarrangements in der Wissenschaft 2016-Jul-04 Köln workshops, governance, gender equality policy lauralorenz
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Inspirefest 2016 2016-Jun-30 Dublin community of practitioners, girls and STEM, female leadership arroyo_lidia
9th Biennial Gender, Work and Organisation Conference 2016-Jun-28 Keele, Staffordshire gender analysis, labour market, gender relations arroyo_lidia
Wie Gleichstellung messen? Konzeptionelle Grundlagen zur Operationalisierung von Geschlechtergerechtigkeit 2016-Jun-22 Köln measurement tool, gender indicators, indices lauralorenz
A European Strategy for Gender Equality: Combating Discrimination in the Workplace and Beyond 2016-Jun-22 Brussels Gender Equality Strategy, Strategic Engagement, innovative policies lauralorenz
Conference on Gender and Excellence: the challenges are undiminished 2016-Jun-21 Bern conference, International Conference, gender and science Henrietta Dale
European Women Rectors Association (EWORA) - Inauguration Ceremony 2016-Jun-20 Brussels Gender equality in management and decision making, decision-making, career advancement in academia arroyo_lidia
Conference: Stopping Gender-Based Violence - Companies for Social Change 2016-Jun-16 BRUSSELS gender based violence, vaw, gbv gigi guizzo
Videocast: Conference on Evidence-Based Innovations to Support Women in Biomedical Research Careers 2016-Jun-06 academic careers, career advice, career advancement in academia Henrietta Dale
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Gender Studies in Debate: Pathways, challenges and interdisciplinary perspectives 2016-May-25 Lisboa Gender Studies, gender studies centre, interdisciplinary research Laura Getz
La medicina di genere. Una sfida per la ricerca scientifica 2016-May-12 Rome Gender medicine Paola De Castro
4. Bundeskongress Gender-Gesundheit 2016 2016-May-12 Berlin Gender medicine, gender policies lauralorenz
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Gender Summit 8 North & Latin America 2016-Apr-28 gender summit Henrietta Dale
1st European Celebration of Women in Computing (ECWC) 2016-Apr-25 Brussels women in STEM, women in IT, IT sector arroyo_lidia
GenPORT Launch 2016-Apr-21 Brussels good practices, European Parliament, European Institute for Gender Equality Henrietta Dale
What Can Future Education Do in Order to Overcome Gendered Academic and Occupational Interests? 2016-Apr-19 Barcelona gender and STEM, futures, education girls and science joerg