GENERA - Gender Equality Network in the European Research Area

The European project GENERA aims to help research performing and research funding organisations to create and implement gender equality plans (GEP). We, as the consortium, are convinced that this effort is necessary in order to support actions for the promotion of careers of female researchers.  It is a fact that all gender statistics illustrate that women are underrepresented in the entire domain of Research, Technology, Innovation and Physics. Therefore it has been decided to describe the actual implementation of the GEPs in a roadmap. This roadmap will describe all activities supporting the implementation of customized GEPs. The GEPs shall remove barriers to the recruitment, retention and career progression of female researchers, strengthening the gender dimension in research programs and raising general awareness of gender bias.

The project will also bring together major players in physics research in Europe to address gender equality in a cooperative way. The collaboration on gender equality on the European level will strengthen the gender dimension on the institutional level as well as in national and European research programmes dedicated to physics research and beyond.

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Currently, we focus on the Gender in Physics Days (GiP Days). They will take place in all European countries that are part of the GENERA project ( We are looking forward to represent the German GiP Day on the 30th June in Hamburg.

Stay tuned for upcoming news.

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